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`Palermo Martini Law Firm` is a young and dynamic reality composed of two professionals working in different fields of law.
Mr. Palermo graduated from `University of Udine` and later carried out the training contract in the `Forum of Venice`, dealing mainly with criminal law issues. Since the beginning of his profession, he has thrown himself into the study of the practice of criminal law, developing a considerable experience concerning offences against property, urban crimes and with regard to controlled substance. He attended the `Scuola Nazionale di Alta Formazione per l'Avvocato Penalista` passing the final exam for the acquisition of the specialist title and he is constantly taking part in training events concerning the most prominent and current criminal issues.
Mrs. Martini graduated with flying colours from `University of Udine` and later thrown herself mainly into the study and practice of civil law, addressing particularly disputes concerning family, succession and compensation. She pays great attention to the consultancy concerning civil law and out-of-court settlement of disputes, especially with regard to the protection of family, consumers, property and contracts. Since 2011, she has been collaborating with the Civil Law Chair of the `University of Udine`, where she has been appointed expert of civil and private law. She is PhD in European Union law and she is currently carrying out a teaching assignment at the `University of Udine` as private law guest lecturer.
Mr. Palermo carries on his activity mainly in the field of criminal law, dealing particularly with offences against property (i.e., theft, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, etc.), crimes against persons, urban crimes, offences against the public administration (i.e., abuse of office, speculate, etc.), tax disputes and crimes concerning controlled substance.
On the other hand, Mrs. Martini deals with civil law's issues, mainly concerning family law, succession, contracts, insurance law, civil liability, consumer protection.
The Law Firm benefits from first level external consultants for issues requiring specific competences, such as labour law, administrative law and immigration law.
Criminal law
Support and defence in all areas of criminal law (crimes against persons, offences against the public administration, financial and corporate crimes, tax disputes, drunk driving, international child abduction, criminal law on immigration, downtown redevelopment zone, crimes involving weapons, crimes relating to contraband, medical care liability, crimes relating to food, criminal law relating to young offenders, etc.).
Offences against vulnerable people
Legal advice and support with regard to family mistreatment, stalking, sexual offences (even against minors).
Civil law
Legal advice and support in the following areas: regulation of relationships between private individuals, contracts, protection of property and ownership, adverse possession, procedure concerning eviction and release of property, debt collection, property and tenancy law, consumer protection.
Family law
Legal advice and support about all the issues concerning both traditional and non-traditional families, also with significance at inter-State level. Administration of procedures concerning separation, divorce, modification of the conditions, assisted negotiation, cohabitation agreements and protection of minors (protection order against family abuse, alienation of affection, forfeiture of parental responsibility, etc.).
Food law
Legal advice and support both to consumers and companies concerning every problem could involve the food chain, from the production to the consumption of products. Particular attention is payed to food safety, information security, product-liability, and to those sensitive areas of labelling, recall and withdrawal of the product from the market.
Civil liability
Legal advice in all cases for damages concerning professional indemnity, medical malpractice, injuries, damages caused by criminal offence, accidents, etc.
Inheritance and successions
Legal advice and support concerning shares owed to heirs, will's authenticity and its appeal, management of asset and bank deposit registered to the deceased before and while the division of inheritance.
Crimes concerning controlled substance
Legal advice and support about crimes concerning controlled substance.
Motoring Offences
Legal advice with regard to lesions, vehicular homicides, drunk driving, driving and drug use, road accident.
Offences against property
Legal advice and defence in crimes concerning theft, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, extortion.
Palermo-Martini Law Firm is composed by two trustworthy, experienced and enthusiast professionals, who have acquired specific competences in different branches of law in order to guarantee clients a qualified, personalised and precise support.
The Law Firm offers out-of-court support by delivering opinions capable of preventing controversies or that are able to facilitate the out-of-court settlement of arguments that arise. Moreover, the Law Firm supports clients in a professional, precise and complete manner also during the litigation stage.
The lawyers offer companies and private individuals their qualified support in the following fields of expertise: criminal law and criminal law relating to young offenders, family law, contracts, agricultural law and food law, insurances, consumer protection, civil liability, debt collection, successions. In all these areas, Mr. Palermo and Mrs. Martini constantly curate their professional training and updating, so that they can always keep up with the innovation of the subject and they can guarantee clients to accept efficiently the most recent protection instruments.
We work loyally, accurately and professionally and we offer our clients a personalised and `customised` defence once we have carefully listened to their needs and after we have informed them of their rights end helped them to choose the better way to achieve the result.
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